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Students and BusHave you ever wanted to do something that would make a significant difference. There is a way and it begins when you adopt your school.

Adopt means you personally choose to help the students and faculty at your campus, reaching out and lending a hand so that, just like you, others can know the God who created them. 

What should you do?

TEAM UP – It may be one person or it could be a whole crew (like your youth group or campus club) that will join you in reaching out at your school.

PRAYWhen you look around your campus you begin to see the real needs people have. Make a list of those you want to pray for, students and faculty. Pray as often as you can, with other Christians too, asking God to meet these needs, to change hearts and help you communicate His love through your words and deeds. 

SERVE YOUR SCHOOL – When we serve we demonstrate the greatness and compassion of God. You probably know students who just need a friend, and others who need help with class work or money for food.  Ask your administrators how you could serve the school, maybe mentoring other kids, helping with a team or doing some campus clean up.  Jesus said that He came to serve. Great model!

SHARE CHRIST We talked about the needs at our schools. Students have hurtful stuff going on at home. Some are being bullied on campus. A lot are feeling the pressure of academics, athletics and life in general. Christ helps everyone with any kind of need, especially the need for God’s forgiveness and love. This is where you come in. It involves having some conversations, listening and hearing their story, sharing your story and telling the greatest STORY of all, how they can know God personally through Jesus. 

Having conversations about life and God can start small. You will get better at it the more you do it. Remember, you are only one beggar telling another beggar where to find food. Nothing preachy about this… just share your heart and God’s truth in love.

Congratulations on adopting your school!

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If you have not yet adopted your school, or you want to update your adoption...

adoptClick Here and follow the interactive process to adopt your school.

Adopting schools is sponsored by the Campus Alliance, a movement of over 50 youth organizations and church denominations that share the vision of empowering students and adults to pray, share the good news of Jesus and serve their school.


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