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Campus Challenge Sunday is a special meeting or service hosted by your church or youth group to encourage the high school and middle school students and educators in your church family to serve and reachout at their campus.

Choose a date for Campus Challenge Sunday that best fits your church schedule. Fall is always a good time with the startup of school, or near the beginning of a new semester. But anytime is fine. 

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Why Campus Challenge Sunday?

In America there are over 67,000 middle and high schools with nearly 25 million students. Phenomenal growth in student led ministry has taken place in the last 15 years. Yet, the mission to see a ministry established at every school is far from complete. Campus Challenge Sunday, sponsored by the Campus Alliance, is a significant day to engage your church family in helping propel students and caring adults into the schools in your community. The hope is that YOUR CHURCH will reach more deeply into the student population of the schools in your community, serving and giving EVERY STUDENT an opportunity to know Jesus Christ personally.

As you plan your church meeting or service realize you are being joined by churches all across America and the world - standing with hundreds of thousands of Christian students as well as faithful Christian educators and school personnel.

Quick Start Checklist for Campus Challenge Sunday

Suggestions for content in the program

  1. Show a video segment to capture the emotion and realities of ministry to teenagers and life on campus. You can down load any of the following from everyschool.com: What If, Before It's To Late, Call Up The Leaders, It's Time, The Cause, Every, Campus Alliance Vision.  For more videos click here.
  2. Share what is happening on campus: Interview students, teachers, coaches or administrators, and campus youth workers.  Since many adults do not know how to pray effectively for students, point out the needs of students and the real life issues.
  3. Ask a student, teacher or coach to share a testimony about how God is working at their school. Also ask students to participate by reading Scripture, prayer, announcements, offering, etc
  4. Cast a vision for reaching every student in the community, not only ministering to those who attend church This suggested article about the importance of the campus will help you create a talk. Also, this article about being a campus missionary provides a talk outline.
  5. Have Christian students come forward. Ask a pastor, youth leader or church leader to pray for them and commission them as campus missionaries to their school. 
  6. Share tangible ways that the church can serve the school.
  7. Download the Campus Prayer Book Mark and print these for everyone at your service. Encourage adults to pray for a school, an educator and at least three students by name: 
  8. Challenge adults and students to adopt their school by going to everyschool.com.

Here are some "Desired Results" 

  1. Christian adults would commit to pray for their school, the educators and students by name where possible, and consider personal involvement with an outreach effort to a local campus.
  2. Christian students and educators would commit to being a campus missionary engaging their peers and sharing the truth of Christ.
  3. Spur the Church to serve the school with tangible ways to demonstrate Christ's love.
  4. Every school in your community would be Adopted for Christ and registered online.



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